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Facebook Down – What Can You Do Now?

Facebook is down.
It’s maybe a nightmare for you. How long will Facebook be down?. They don’t know but they are working on it.
Instagram and Whatsapp also shared a similar update.
Facebook users are experiencing server errors, and the site cannot be accessed until further notice. If you’re like me, maybe you are panicking or complaining about not being able to access their social media accounts. What should we do? Take a deep breath! This post will help you get through this rough time in life.
You can use these social medias instead of Facebook now:
1. Discord
You can use discord instead of Whatsapp and messenger. Facebook said Tuesday clients were experiencing difficulty getting to the informal organization and its different applications like Instagram, yet didn’t clarify the reason for the blackouts.
2. Skype
Well-known interpersonal interaction site has been down since morning today in worldwide as numerous clients dealt with issues in opening its work area adaptation. So if you want you can use skype.
3. Snapchat
Another way is you can text your friends on Snapchat now. When everything will normal you can use Facebook.
4. Twitter
Another popular social media you can use now is Twitter to see the latest news updates.
5.Wt Social
WT Social is a social networking site that strives to be completely different from Facebook. WT Social is a social network that’s non-toxic.
6. EyeEm
EyeEm is a photo-sharing platform that may appeal to you if you enjoy the social media aspects of Facebook. This platform was founded in 2011 and has seen a lot of growth since its beginning. It was initially a mobile-only platform that allowed users to upload and share iPhone pictures. It’s now a digital space for both photographers and businesses. You can now use this instead of Instagram.
7. Yubo
Yubo is a simple streaming network that focuses on live streaming. Live sessions can be created by members with up to 10 streamers and unlimited viewers. You can search the main page for live streams by topic. You can also choose to follow your favorite streamers, so you are always aware when they go live.

Facebook’s Whatsapp down reminds you that you and your friends should use a private, non-profit alternative. But be sure to use the safest social media.

So last of all not to worry. Your information is secure. Take them some time.
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