How To Mop A Wood Floor

How To Mop A Wood Floor – Properly and Quickly ( Only in 3 Steps )

When we are thinking about the absolute floor dapperness, we go demented instantly. To stay in the picture of good health, sound maintenance of our basements is a must in our routine life.

People spend megabucks for wood floorings and end up struggling to preserve them the right way. Believe me or not implementing a prompt cleaning multiple times weekly with a mop will not only draw out deep blemishes or specks of dust but also burgeon the grace of your wooden floors commendably.

To know how to mop a wood floor with fewer hassles, note our 3 easygoing steps which will redo your delicate floors from fade and filthy to clean and radiant forthwith.

How to Clean Wood Floors – The Exact Way

Step-1: Isolate Your Furniture or Goods for Dry Mopping

Remove your belongings from the area you want to be cleaned. You can use blankets or sliders for lifting your weighty items.

If you want to go for deep cleaning on the large surface areas of your floorings, you should use a dust mop or broom and for cleaning small district floors utilizing a vacuum will be an appropriate option for you.

  • Dust Mop or Broom for Cleaning Hardwood Floor

You can use either a broom having fine bristles or a dust mop made of microfibers to remove potential dust and pockets of grime that build upon the dents of your hardwood floor.

A dust mop is very favorable and handy for sweeping dirt and makes your tasks a lot easier than a regular broom. With such a tool you can certainly pile up all the unwanted debris from your wooden floor and sweep it up using your dustpan. Thus you can hold the resiliency that the material of hardwood floors offers.

  • Vacuum Machine for Hardwood Floor

Another worthwhile approach for you would be using a vacuum which is mainly designed for hardwood floor surface areas. The plastics wheels of the vacuum machine protect your wooden floors from any kind of scratches while vacuuming.

The vacuum machine has a small crevice piece on the top of the head which will help you to fetch all the loose garbage and wastes from every corner and underneath of your furniture easily.

You can also use Canister vacuums, or lightweight upright vacuums because of their portability and high demand among individuals

Step-2: Choosing Right Hardwood Floor Cleaning Products

As your floors get rescued from dirt and debris, now it’s time for wet mopping your hardwood floor surfaces. I will suggest you go for Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray or Weiman Wood Floor Cleaner.

These are pre-mixed cleaners and here you don’t have to worry about diluting your concentrated solutions with water anymore, it is pH-neutral based and can be used on any finished hardwood surfaces and optimize your time effectively. They leave no-extra streaks on your floorings.


I will strongly suggest you avoid any kind of local chemical solutions which are not aligned with your hardwood floors as it tends to break the veneer down and reduce the resiliency of your wooden floors. For instance, if you mop your floor by rubbing alcohol, it will dry your hardwood floor and leave it a dull finish at the end.

Step-3: Wet Mopping on Hardwood Floor

You can start your hardwood floor cleaning process by spraying your cleaning solutions on a small corner area of your floor at first, then after waiting a while you can wipe it off to see is there any discoloration or clouding occurred to your floor finish or not.

If you observe no change to your hardwood floor finish, then you can begin the journey and mop the whole floor area following with figure-eight movements to collect more messes from your wooden floors.

For fast drying your floor, you can simply use a pocket fan or air blower. But if you find excess water on your floor you should use a soft cleaning cloth or paper towels to prevent damage.

Wood Floors Mopping Regimen

Systemic cleaning at least each week is essential to efface the average level of chokings on your wooden floors but to the extent possible do it two to three times a week to procure superior outcomes.

But I will highly recommend you to mop your wood floorings every other day to extend the shelf-life of your wooden floors and save your huge investment at the same time.

Final Words

An adequate amount of attention is significant for the durability of your hardwood floor. Such care will seem less burdensome if you choose the correct array of appliances and techniques.

So without any delay do your routine cleaning to your hardwoods by following our step-by-step ordinary mechanisms of how to mop a wood floor to uplift your home aura and moods simultaneously.

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