Substitute for Garlic Powder

5 Substitute for Garlic Powder

If you make a top ten ingredients list to add flavors to your dishes, Garlic powder would definitely come in the first or second place. It is a dehydrated form of fresh garlic, which offers many unknown and known nutritional facts.

The component doubles the taste and creates an appealing smell to increase your appetite. But at times, it’s apparent that you’ll run out of this very ingredient. You might think, “What can I use as a substitute for garlic powder? Do I need to skip my meal?”

It’s common to face this situation. But as you are reading this article, we will tell you that you don’t need to do this from now!

Garlic powder is essential to add that aroma for sure. But there are a lot of alternatives that would work just the same. We’ll reveal those items in this article and surprise you with all the unknown facts you wish you had known before.

Garlic Powder Vs. Minced Garlic

Both are different versions of the fresh garlic bulb. You too know that we use these two types of add- ons in our daily cooking life, every now and then. Yet, there are some differences regarding taste, smell, and specifications.

Garlic Powder

  • It helps to save a lot of time as a bit of a portion of powder does it all.
  • It can be made simply at your home, without any extra chemicals or preservatives.
  • Most of the time, old cloves are used to make this powder.
  • Only valuable for dry rubs and baking as it is prone to temperature.

Minced Garlic

  • It is fresher than the earlier one. Also, it is made in a hygienic procedure.
  • It consumes a bit of time, but after adding the flavor, the taste is worth it.
  • Sensitive to the techniques of applying it.
  • Does not leave a long-lasting effect on one’s breath.

5 Substitute for Garlic Powder

To get the nearest possible flavor of garlic powder, you have to be very choosy. We will introduce you to 5 different alternatives with proper guidance. You can choose any of these as a part of these as per your preference.

1. Garlic Puree

It is an actual kind of garlic paste that goes well with sauce or soup items. It has a strong flavor of garlic that instantly smashes out the room!

Also, the making procedure is relatively easy. Chop some fresh cloves with a knife and smash those. Then add some salt, oil and mix it well.

Add one tablespoon of Puree as a replacement for garlic powder. You can preserve it for six months to 1 year.

2. Garlic Salt

When you need to preserve a component, the best way is to use salt. The majority of the house owners use this technique in terms of garlic too!

It is made with simply two ingredients- garlic and salt. Mix the two items in 1:3 portions. Add ¼ teaspoon instead of garlic powder.

Remember to check the amount of salt regularly, as garlic salt adds some extra salty taste.

3. Minced Garlic as a Substitute to Garlic Powder

If we talk about our recommendation, then minced garlic is on the top of the list. This element is so good as a substitute that after using it, you might even add it to your regular kitchen list!

It adds a roasted flavor to your dish that completes the absence of the garlic powder. Another beneficiary part is, minced ones can be used in fried chicken, as well as baking something. It soaks water well and, all in all gives a fresh aroma.

4. Chives

It’s a bit more like onion rather than garlic. But as they belong to the same category, chives are your best choice in a helpless situation. Besides, if we talk about garlic powder to cloves, one clove is equal to ½ portion of powder.

Now while adding chives, don’t use more than ¼ tablespoon of the item. Taste your dish and adjust salt as you require.

5. Fresh Garlic

Let’s explain the confusion you have while reading this headline. When we are habituated to use powder, we ignore the fresh ones kept in our drawers. But we are yet to realize how much nutrition it gives us.

So, when garlic powder is not available, get one or two cloves of fresh garlic. You can chop those or make some paste.

We bet, after having this on your table, you’ll regret why you didn’t know this earlier!

Final Words

We hope that you are now aware of the facts we explained in the article. We don’t forget that substitute is still not the best option. It’s just an option you had to make through.

No matter how unknown these factors are to you, don’t give up on your meal when you can’t buy garlic powder next time.

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