Types Of Potato Peelers

Types Of Potato Peelers

Potato peelers typically have straight blades which are mounted on a comfy handle. However, you may prefer an angle or Julienne blade to enhance your food more appealing. There are other options too! If you’re only left with a couple of peels of potatoes to prepare using a hand-held tool, then a hand-held one is the best choice, but mechanical or electric versions are great for large-scale amounts.

Adding the potato peeler in the drawers of kitchen tools adds to the convenience of the kitchen. It’s not just the perfect method to cook potatoes and cook, but you can also make use of these peelers to cut various vegetables and fruits – and even cheese! What kind of peeler would be the best tool to use at home? It is crucial to consider the design of the grip and blade styles and processing capacities of the one you select. We’ve looked at different kinds and varieties of potato peelers in order to give you an understanding of what you should look for.

The price of different peelers could range from $5 to $10 for manual, hand-held peelers, and ranges from $20 and $30 for mechanical and electric models. Therefore, affordable options are available to locate the ideal equipment for the task you’ll need to do. Read on for a thorough review of the eight types of potato peelers. You’ll be amazed by the variety of them and their flexibility!

1. Swivel Peeler

The most popular peeler is one called a Swivel is a double-edged edged blade that is connected to the handle of the comfort grip. The blade is moved slowly, giving you advantages over a plain potato. At the end of the swivel, the peeler will usually be a pointed, cup-shaped edge that is perfect for removing eyes out of potatoes, or for getting rid of small bruised and swollen areas. Swivel peelers are a great device for both left and right-handed cooks as the blade is able to be employed to work in either direction. Swivel peelers are dishwasher safe and made of stainless steel, as well as robust plastics

2. Julienne Peeler

A Julienne cut is created by cutting thin, stick-like pieces that can be used to prepare vegetables to add flavor to dishes, soups, and salads. The blade is adorned with tooth-like tips which run along the sharp edges and may or not turn inside the peeler. Utilizing a Julienne peeler, you can cook potatoes for frying hashbrowns and baking casseroles, potatoes or even throw them in the shape of a potato coleslaw.

3. Y Peeler

A Y-shaped peeler has a lot of resemblance in shape to Lancashire peeler, however, it is slightly larger. Its unique, Y-shaped framework is what supports the blade, which has an edge that is double. The blade can move. Most Y peelers have an edge that has a sharp tip for removing the eyes of potatoes. This kind of handle can be used by left-handers as well as right-handers.

4. Spiralizer

This useful device is operated by hand or by electrical power. It peels potato while it moves through the straight blade (or operated by hand crank model). Peels are gathered in an ice-cold bowl or under the spout in the bowl. Handwash, disassemble, or put dishes in the dishwasher (refer to the directions provided by the company) after you’ve taken out the potatoes.

5. Serrated Peeler

A serrated peeler can be attached to various handles, like those mentioned above including they-shaped comfortable grips, or the Y-shaped handles. It can or won’t be able to rotate. The primary distinction is the serrated edged blade that is ideal for cutting through smooth, hard-surfaced or even the waxy skins of vegetables, but without damaging the meat beneath. Blades that have serrated edges however are typically utilized in a sawing movement for cutting food products in a delicate manner.

6. Lancashire Peeler

The peeler is double-edged and straightly coupled to a handle that has an ergonomic grip, but the blade doesn’t move. Most right-handed people like this type of peeler. It is larger than the one that swivels to allow one-sweep peeling however, it can be difficult for people who are left-handed to utilize. Lancashire peelers provide an even peel every time and must be used in a single direction since the blade isn’t swiveling.

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